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Kelli Resseguie,RD,LDN

Registered Dietitian + Licensed Nutritionist

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“Give yourself grace and space, to not only make mistakes, but to find out what works best for you.” -Sonia Narvaez


Nothing about change is straightforward, especially if you are trying to navigate your way around diet culture and the unrealistic ideals society has ingrained into us. That’s why I’m here to help support you in any way I can with your nutrition goals, including giving yourself the grace you need to grow. I recognize that each of us has our own unique backgrounds and challenges we face so I strive to meet each client where they are at in their individual journeys. I believe small steps build lifelong habits and it is my goal to help you figure out what steps work best for you and to encourage you along the way. 

In Kelli's work with clients: I believe in weight inclusivity and follow Healthy At Every Size (HAES) aligned principles in sessions. This means I do NOT believe health is defined by weight. I want each person I work with to feel a sense of belonging and trust as they are sharing a very personal part of their lives with me. As the client, I want you to remember that you are in the driver seat and I am simply a supportive passenger. I believe we both have something to offer each other in terms of learning and growing and I hope you will join me on that journey.

​My Specialities Are:  Infant nutrition, Early Childhood Nutrition, Pregnancy, Lactation, Family nutrition, Disordered eating, Eating Disorder Recovery, Geriatric/Long Term Care Nutrition



When I am not seeing clients you can find me: In my flower garden (pretending I’m a flower farmer), soaking up every moment I can with my little one, reading, listening to audiobooks or true crime podcasts, jamming out to Taylor Swift, trying to cuddle with my disinterested Shiba Inu (or at least keep him from escaping our yard)

Things that bring me joy: Spending time with my family and pups, shopping,  organizing anything, Dunkin’ iced coffee, traveling, watching HGTV and mind numbing reality tv shows, Harry Potter Books, all things Disney

A fun fact about me is: I have visited 46 U.S. states, stopping at many National Parks along the way. My favorites, so far, have been Acadia National Park in Maine and Glacier National Park in Montana. It’s on my bucket list to make it to all 50 states!

Professional Bio:

I started my journey to become a dietitian in 2007 at Messiah College and later transferred to the University of Delaware where I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics in 2011. After college I volunteered at the Harford County WIC Program, which turned into my full time job for the next six years. I completed my dietetic internship in 2014 at the Virginia/Maryland WIC Dietetic Internship program. In addition to WIC have worked at Early Head Start and in clinical nutrition at long-term care and psychiatric facilities.

• American Dietetic Association, Commission on Dietetic Registration


•Maryland Board of Dietetic Practice


  • Member of the International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians 

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