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Our Nutritional Approach

We believe in cultivating a long lasting, positive relationship with nutritional health starts with learning and understanding. We use evidence based approaches including; nutritional psychoeducation, family based feeding treatment, Intuitive eating principles, mindful eating approaches, weight neutral focus and body kindness. Some of the complimentary modalities we use are blended with mindful movement, yoga, creative cooking and food exploration. Our goal is to help our clients navigate the "whole health" aspect of nutrition, re-align eating for health and pleasure and tune into their own internal hunger & fullness cues. 

Food Freedom's
​ Nutritional Philosophy:


All food has a place in a healthy diet.

we reject food bullying and restrictive diets.

we believe there is no success in deprivation!

From cupcakes to kale it all fits!

our practice has 4 core values:

To Enrich your life with positive food experiences. 

Heal from disordered eating and negative body image.

Grow your knowledge of nutrition, self-awareness, and the mind-body connection.

Balance eating for health with eating for pleasure.  

There are no bad foods!

Only bad relationships with food!

Cooking Eggs

One on One Counseling

Intuitive  Eating


Treatment for


Parental Education &  Coaching



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